Friday, 17 April 2015

Note to examiner

Dear Examiner/Moderator,
I hope you have enjoyed reading through the contents of my AS Media blog, and I hope that you too believe that its contents is of a high standard, and note the vast improvement in my abilities across the board, particularly the development of new skills and creativity work.

Thank you, Dan Collins.

Magazine front cover (Final piece)

Contents page (Final piece)

Double page spread (Final piece)

Question 7 Evaluation

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
When looking back over my media coursework and comparing my final product to my preliminary, I feel that I’ve improved significantly. An example of this would be in my preliminary the quality of the photos is far less considered than that of my finished magazine which were took with the intention of having a finished look to my magazine. I believe this is due to various skills and concepts that I’ve learnt about magazine creation over the coursework process. One of these concepts being the concept of genre and target audience. Over the duration of the process I've become increasingly aware of how important it is to have a set genre and target audience when creating a media product. Having a target audience and genre aided me in the creation of my magazine because it helped me understand how I should design my magazine. Looking back, I also learnt about the importance of what editing software to use when designing magazines as although for my preliminary magazine I used Photoshop, I learned through trial and error how to use the software to a higher standard which was illustrated in my final piece. Moreover I felt my choice of clothing for my models has improved as I placed a lot of thought into the final outfit of my artists to be appropriate for the genre of music I was trying to convey and I hoped that my target audience would appreciate this.

Question 6 Evaluation

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

For the photography aspect of my magazine I used a Nikon D3200 camera, this allowed me to take photos of a higher quality than the use of a standard Iphone camera or other handheld phone.When using the camera I also used a tripod with it. This meant that the camera was always still preventing any blurred images. I felt that the higher standard of photo gave my magazine a much more professional look to it and therefore supported the higher price. I also used artificial lighting to remove any shadows that may distort or make the picture less clear. The computers I used were mainly the IMac's in college however I also used the Intel core 13 system and edge 10 monitor. Another piece of technology I relied on massively was Photoshop, this allowed my to crop, enlarge and change the colour of photos to create my final piece. Furthermore I used sites such as Scripd,Slideshare and Infrogram to present my work in a more interesting format than the standard word document or blog post, this is useful as it gave me skills to present work in a more engaging way to the audience.

Question 5 Evaluation